We Care About The Environment

100% VOC Compliance:

  • All of our finishes contain Zero vocs (Volatile Organic Compounds). With confidence we can say that our finishes are 100% “Green”.
  • For more information on volatile organic compounds, visit www.epa.gov/iaq/voc

Sustainable Forestry Practices:

After 20 years in business, we have searched high and low to find suppliers that use sustainable forestry practices. This means that as the lumber is harvested for your flooring, certain practices are observed like:

  1. Selective Cutting. Modern lumber harvesting does not strip the land of all of the trees. In the past, clear cutting practices decimated forests beyond what they could naturally replenish. This had tremendous negative impact on the environment. Instead, trees are selectively cut and guidelines are followed that ensure the forest’s ability to naturally regenerate.
  2. Tree Planting. As trees are harvested, more are planted so the forest can continue to grow in health.
  3. Minimal Impact Techniques. As heavy equipment is used to harvest lumber, sustainable practices govern the use of equipment to ensure minimal impact on the natural environment.

For more information on sustainable forestry, visit www.fsc.org

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